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Helios Website Design - Connor's Bakery

Connor’s Bakery required a reboot of an existing website where they could list their products and prices.  They also required a website that could, at a later point, be used to take online orders and have Ecommerce functionality.  Helios Web Design are building them a  website based on the wordpress platform enabling the client to add content, products and images as and when required.  This website also has enhanced SEO and the added functionality of sharing blog posts to Social Media platforms to help promote their services to a wide range of potential clients through Twitter and Facebook.

Helios Web Design will actively manage this site ensuring that the website and plugins are always up to date and provide technical support.  The total cost of this website is £395 for the first year. The technical support and hosting for subsequent years has been set at £100 pa.  When they wish to add the enhanced Ecommerce functionality at a later date the price will be an additional £150.

Total Cost - £395

Helios Website Design - Connor's Bakery

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